2019 Become A Roar® Sponsor

Promote Your Brand. Become a Roar on the Shore® Sponsor!

Roar on the Shore® Bike Week is a free, nonprofit charity rally that has donated $920,000 to charity throughout the past 12 years and injects more than $30 million into the local economy each year! Roar on the Shore® Bike Week has exploded on the national rally scene and is expected to draw more than 165,000 motorcycle enthusiasts from across the country in 2019. Along with unprecedented growth in its first 12 years, Roar on the Shore® boasts no gate fee to enter, free headline concerts every night, free celebrity meet-and-greets, and free stunt shows in addition to numerous scenic rides (including a celebrity-led parade of bikes) to showcase all that the Erie region has to offer.

2019 Charity Recipient
Veterans and their families will benefit from proceeds from the 2019 event through the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Erie County’s (NAMI) Homefront program, a free, educational program for families, caregivers and friends of military service members and veterans with mental health conditions.

Get involved and become a sponsor! Contact Ellie Cullen at 814-833-3200 to lock in this great promotional and marketing opportunity!

To download a copy of the 2019 Roar® Bike Week Reservation Form, click here.


Sponsor a Welcoming Sign!
Be the first to officially welcome the tens of thousands of bikers to Roar on the Shore® Bike Week! Your logo will be prominently displayed at the top of the “Welcome Riders” banners in a high-traffic area and will be in constant view of thousands of people during the course of the rally. The rectangular banner measures 10’ 8”. Your sponsor logo will be placed at the top and will measure 2’ 8” x 4’ 8”.



The Ultimate Sponsor Package!
Become part of the official name of this charity event! Every time Roar on the Shore® is mentioned or seen in print marketing material, your brand is top of mind. For example, Acme Industries signs on as the Title Sponsor, the event is labeled “Acme Industries Roar on the Shore®” in every official marketing and media reference. As the Title Sponsor, you will receive the highest level of sponsor recognition, activation rights and a premium ticket package.


Share the Stage with Roar’s® Concert Headliners!
Put your brand in front of the tens of thousands who attend each evening’s Rock the Roar® Headline Concert. Your brand will share the stage with the many Grammy-winning and Grammy-nominated artists and groups that rock Roar® each year. The Mainstage Schedule of Events is the most-viewed of all of Roar’s® marketing, promotional and advertis¬ing materials. The branding of the mainstage provides a sponsor with maximum exposure before, during and after the event. Each night at Roar®, your name will be seen and heard by tens of thousands. The main¬stage concerts are singularly the most-attended events during Roar on the Shore® Bike Week. Your sponsorship package includes:

• Mainstage Naming Rights. Your company name and logo appear on the mainstage banner.

• Your name will be synonymous with the main¬stage in all media advertising.

• A 10×20 vendor space in a prom¬inent location in Vendor Alley.

• (10) Ten Rocket 105 Beer Garden tickets for each concert (40 tickets).



We are in contract discussions with 4 top national recording artists for 2019.
Beginning January 2019, you will be promoted in all media as the presenting sponsor for all four headline concerts. Your name will appear each time each band appears in all market¬ing, advertising and promotional materials before, during and after Roar® Bike Week. This will include television, radio and print coverage, website and social media coverage, online and printed schedules (includes 43,000 printed Pocket Guides), event banners, and your logo and link on the Official Roar® website. Each night, your company representative(s) will be introduced as the presenting sponsor on the mainstage to welcome the crowd prior to the headline concert. You also can toss your own promotional swag.



Sponsor Roar’s® Marquee Event!
Thursday’s celebrity-led motorcycle parade is Roar on the Shore’s® most media-visible and notable event! More than 3,000 motorcycles wind their way to downtown Erie along a route lined with more than 20,000 American flag-waving spectators. The Bringin’ in the Roar® parade offers exceptional brand visibility and a massive display of patriotism. Guaranteed news coverage on radio, television and in print. Your sponsorship package includes:

• Exclusive Parade naming rights (XYZ Company presents “Bringin’ in the Roar®”)

• Your name will appear on all promotional, marketing and advertising materials involving the parade.

• Two “Posse” positions (front section of the parade/two bikes with or without rider). You will ride at the very front of the parade in the Posse with the Grand Marshal and other dignitaries!

• (4) Four tickets to the meet-and-greet photo op reception with the Grand Marshal (2nd level at casino’s Brew Brothers).

• (4) Four Beer Garden passes for the Thursday night headline concert.


For the past 13 years Roar on the Shore® has hosted an impressive list of actors, musicians, reality stars and athletes who lead 5,000 motorcycles on a 7-mile ride in front of 20,000 spectators for our annual patriotic BRINGIN’ IN THE ROAR® PARADE. The 2019 Grand Marshal will be our most exciting to date and you can get in front of the line at the personal meet-and-greet photo op sponsored by Roar on the Shore® at Brew Brothers at Presque Isle Downs and Casino. You and (7) seven guests will be escorted to the front of the line and will be first to meet our 2019 Grand Marshal. After the reception, you will jump on your bikes and ride in front of the parade in the VIP Gold Section with thousands of motorcycles following you. When arriving at the Hub, you and your guests will receive Beer Garden passes for Thursday night’s headline concert. As the Grand Marshal Sponsor, your company name and logo will appear in all of our promotional marketing and advertising materials as “Grand Marshal Kim Coates, sponsored by (your name here).” Never before has Roar® offered such a unique event with its Grand Marshal. This experience is limited to one sponsor only.


Apply Your Brand to an App that Appeals!
The Official Roar on the Shore® App is the ultimate information source that details complete event information and provides the only real-time updates during the rally. With more than 10,000 page views, 2,400 sessions and 1,700 active users in 2018, there’s no wonder the Official Roar® App is so appealing! Your sponsorship package includes:

● Promoted in all media as the Official Roar® App sponsor

● Powered by “sponsor” on loading screen and navigation within the App

● Sponsor will have own page on the App and can provide own content

● Five push notifications (prior, during and after the event)

● Signage and announcements at event (to encourage download of the App)

● Logo and link on Official Roar® Website



All Roar on the Shore® Bike Week staff members and volunteers stand out among the more than 165,000 attendees. Why? They wear eye-catching official Roar® T-shirts during Roar® Bike Week. Since Roar® staff and volunteers are involved in all corners of the event, your brand will no doubt stand out! Your sponsorship package includes:

• Your name and logo on all official staff t-shirts.

• Logo and link on the official website.

• 2 parade passes.

• 2 Rocket 105 premium viewing Beer Garden tickets.


This corporate-sponsored vest will be worn by all parking and safety staff who will be at all events during bike week. Any motorcyclist who takes part in any event during Roar® will see your logo. This is a great opportunity for your company or organiza¬tion to promote motorcycle safety. Your sponsorship package includes:

• Your company logo printed on both the front and back of each vest.

• Your company logo and link on the official Roar® website.

• A 10×10 vendor booth in Vendor Alley to promote your product or service or, if you prefer, a

• Premium Beer Garden Ticket Package for (10) ten guests.



Be the Messenger! It bears repeating: Stay safe! When it comes from you, your brand is linked to keeping riders and rally-goers safe. As a Roar® Safety Message Sponsor, your message will be spread across multiple marketing platforms both before and during the event. Your sponsorship package includes:

● (40) (:15 second) Rocket 105 radio commercials that will run Monday, July 15 through Sunday, July 21, from 6 a.m. to midnight

● Banner ad on the Official Roar website

● Company may display banner during Roar® (banner provided and hung by sponsor)

● The radio station will provide all production of the commercial including, professional DJ-voiceover and motorcycle engine/music sounds to the background

● Safety message example: “It’s time to rev, rock and roar… from all of us at (company name) . . . Please stay cool and stay safe during this year’s Roar on the Shore® Bike Week!”

● Logo and link on Official Roar® Website



For all four nights: Wednesday through Saturday
When It’s Over, Get It Started!
Roar on the Shore’s® headline concerts bring thousands of people down to The Hub each night. Once the concert ends, where should everybody go? To the Official After-Party, of course! Your sponsorship package includes:

● Announced and promoted on Mainstage as Official After-Party Sponsor

● Promoted in all media as the Official After-Party Sponsor

● Feature local bands at your after-party. They will be listed in the official schedule.

● Logo and link on Official Roar® Website


It’s Your Ride!
Showcase your business as an Official Ride Host Sponsor of one of many fantastic rides leaving from various destinations during Roar on the Shore® Bike Week. Your sponsorship package includes:

● Introduced as ride host prior to ride departure. Provide official welcome to riders prior to ride departure

● Listed as Ride Host in Official Ride Schedule

● Signage at ride gathering location

● (4) ride tickets

● Logo and link on Official Roar® Website



Events the size of Roar on the Shore® must be ready to provide emergency management services to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants. Centrally located in a high-traffic area in the Hub, the Emergency Tent stands ready to provide aid to the rally’s attendees. Your sponsorship package includes:

• Signage throughout the event’s footprint with your name and logo as sponsor of this vital service.

• Opportunity to promote and provide medical screenings with a complimentary 10×10 vendor space.

• Company or organization name and logo will appear on Roar® website with link.


Have a great idea or concept to promote your brand? We will work with you to create a customized sponsor package to meet your needs and your budget!