FAQ on Roar’s New HUB — Series 2

Welcome to the only official “HUB” of information about Roar on the Shore 2019


Will there be traffic control at the event:   Yes, in fact Lake Erie Speedway was designed exclusively to handle large traffic flows.  When Lake Erie Speedway was being developed they  consulted with Penn Dot for traffic improvements.  Additional lanes were constructed on Route 89 and a traffic control plan was approved by PennDOT.  We are currently reviewing that plan. It was designed to handle very large traffic flow.  Safety and security are top priorities and will continue to be.

Who will handle security?:  As a private event on private property we are required to make sure that traffic management, emergency response and whatever may happen at the event are handled appropriately. We are using the same company and the same Emergency Management Services coordinator who has been with Roar for the past 12 years.  He will work closely with Greenfield Township Authorities, North East Authorities, Pennsylvania State Police, Greenfield Township Fire Department and any and all agencies to ensure complete coordination of security and safety plan is in place.  The same as we did in the City of Erie.

Will there be a parade?  Yes we are using the exact same route we have traveled during the past 12 years.  We have filed all the necessary permits and paperwork with the appropriate officials.  Unfortunately, we were not able to get a permit from the City of Erie and we will need to reroute that portion pf the  parade outside the city limits.  We are currently working on which route will  work best, once that decision is made we will apply for the permit to the appropriate authorities.

There are some people in the media  indicating that Roar’s true mission is not based on a charity. Is that correct? No, Roar on the Shore is a 501c3 charitable organization and is required to comply with all local state and federal laws.  We are required to submit an IRS 990 tax form which is public record and subject to audit by the IRS.  Anyone including the media can easily obtain the 990 form which contains all our financial information. For the past 12 years our financial records have been impeccable, and our mission remains, raise funds for charities.  In fact to this day Roar on the Shore is the single largest  contributor to the Flight 93 National Memorial.

Will  there be more updates? Absolutely, we will continue to respond to your questions with honest and direct answers. 


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